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  • Wedding Day Gift Ideas

    On the day of our wedding our relatives gave to me – four microwave ovens, three vacuum cleaners, two sets of identical silverware, and a trip with badly placed dates to a Hawaiiiiiii…. No this is not a new Christmas Carol, it is a reality faced by many newlywed couples, when they are sorting out their wedding gifts. My dear friend is a […]

  • 6 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

    Love and romance comes to our lives at unexpected times and in all ages. An anniversary is the most special holiday between two lovers. When the relationship is new, every month is an anniversary, with time we focus more on years, and eventually if we’re lucky enough,  decades.  What kind of gift can a girl gift to her […]

  • Gifts for her 25th Birthday

    The age of 25 for a most women – is an age of bloom. A blooming of self-confidence, a blooming of womanhood. This age does not provoke sadness or the fear of getting old, they are too young to worry, life is great. If your girlfriend is about to celebrate this day, be well prepared and spend some […]

  • Original Portrait Gift Idea

    Just less than 100 years ago, a beautiful self portrait decorating the living room, or hanging behind your desk in the office, was a common thing. This idea of self-portraits and family paintings is quickly coming back. With modern-day technology and digital painting, one can easily have a high quality portrait of him self, made by artists from all over the world. An […]

  • Fairytale Garden Gift Ideas

    Imagine  waking up in the morning, outside the window birds are singing, the sun is shining, a colorful pointy hat is poking out the top of a rosebush… Wait what? That’s a gnome! Is that Dopey? why yes it is! Did I end up in a Brothers Grimm fairytale? Nope, still in my own garden! Seriously now; garden gnomes, […]